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Internet Marketers Vision
Internet Marketers Vision


One of the reason many people fail when they come online is that they have no clue what to do to make money. They have heard that many people are making crazy amounts of money online and they have been motivated with that information to come online to make money to try and make money too.

But the first thing that hit them like a brick when they come online is that they quickly find out that it is not as easy as they thought. They are faced with the numbing question of whether to continue or to quit. Some bravely get into internet marketing with the little money or knowledge they have for a short while only to leave it on the ‘road side’ and abandon the whole idea with their dreams killed forever.

This is very sad when such a profitable dream like internet marketing fall off the cliff and shatter beyond repair. This is what this website is trying to help people avoid.

Why We Created this Blog.

I am an internet marketing blogger with many years of experience in working online. During my 10 years of working online, I have acquired lots of knowledge and experience on the internet. I have tasted failure and success too and want to share my experiences both good or bad to those who visit my site.

Why should I share my bad experiences with people? I share my negative experiences with my internet friends and visitors so that they may not repeat the same error and waste time and money like I did. Many websites publish only the things that can help people succeed and rightly so.

My thing is that whiles that is good and noble, not sharing some few negative experiences will not tell all the story because no one can find truth with only one-sided information because if that is the case then it will not be true.

Many people come online to make it seem like it is all easy to do internet marketing. While it is not a walk in the park, I want you to know that it can be very enjoyable and comforting to know that you are trying to create a future for yourself online to help you to flee from the rat race and unappreciative bosses.

Our website is not named internet marketers vision for nothing because on t his blog, we want to continuously give you ideas that we think and believe can help you to start your online adventure well and make money without all the hidden hassles and costs associated with internet marketing.

We promise to post regularly on this blog to help our visitors gather online internet marketing information from a person who has done internet marketing for some few years with success to date.