E-marketers Club Money Making Strategies

In this free “emarketers club” affiliate marketing video course, you will learn more than the average person by giving you more information beyond the basics. The strategies that we are going to share with you in the emarketer club system will blow your mind. It is the same successful strategies that the makers of the course have used to make their six-figure incomes for many years now.

They know how to do affiliate marketing from many affiliate niches so they know what they are teaching. I love video membership sites where the expert teaching the course spends time teaching from his many years of marketing on a video so that you can actually hear and see him teaching you as if he or she is sitting right beside you pouring down to you his many years of marketing knowledge.

I am sure that if you follow the strategies they are teaching you can be successful the same way they have been successful using the same strategies. The marketers club contains eleven videos that teach you to grasp the salient and important aspects of lead magnet marketing and how to use leads to help ethically bribe a prospect to give you his email address in exchange for a gift. This strategy works very well if you know what you are going through. In no time after reading this material, you’ll be on your way to effectively use e-marketers club strategies in gaining more customers to your landing or squeeze page.

Video 1:

Will give you easy access to the mind of a super affiliate. If you are just starting out, don’t be intimidated because every super affiliate started somewhere with nothing just like you are about to start doing affiliate marketing right now.

Super affiliates have one thing that you don’t have yet and that is the super affiliate mindset. But the great truth is that if you can read and understand basic English, you can learn these strategies and start making money with them.

The video will show you five mindset ideas that that will give you the skills you need to excel in your business as well. Available to you in video 1 are the five affiliate mindsets that will help you to start making money. Mindset is the key to successfully making money on the internet.

In the past, when I heard that people who want to become doctors go to school for many years, I used to wonder why they should spend that many years studying math and chemistry and even physics when they do not need all those courses.

Then I heard from a medical expert that the reasons why doctors have to study all those scientific information are due to the fact that it helps them to understand the medicine they are studying better so that in the event that something about chemistry is mentioned when treating a patient they will have an in-depth understanding of the underlying concept they are trying to use in making vital decisions about a patient.

Similarly, the same is true in marketing where the mindset is also necessary for the success of the marketer. One cannot say that because he is an affiliate marketer he or she does not need to know anything about video marketing or article marketing and all the other related topics in online marketing.

This is what video 1 will do for you. It will help you to make money online the easy way.


Video 2:

I will show you what really works in the affiliate marketing arena. It is important to know that there is not a simple system out there that can help make your marketing strategy easy.

One thing that we can share with you in our video that can make you successful in your internet marketing journey is to know how to use testing and tracking effectively in your marketing strategies.

Many people hearing me say that you need testing and tracking may shake their heads in doubts about what I am saying to you.

But if you believe what I am saying to you about testing and tracking and you do what the video in the course teaches you, I am very sure that you will succeed in making money in your affiliate marketing efforts because testing and tracking is very important part of online marketing, period.


Video 3:

I Will show you five different ways sellers or vendors send traffic to their sales pages. The way they send traffic to their websites and blogs is simply amazing. Don’t worry, all the information is in video number 3 waiting for you to discover, learn and use it to make your own money online.

Simply watch these 5 ways to get vendors to send you traffic and sales to your website and prove to yourself the efficacy of these traffic sending strategies yourself.


Video 4:

I Will show you how to effectively become an effective super affiliate negotiator. Some people think that you have to be a super affiliate to be able to become a great super affiliate. You simply must know how to ask for what benefit you want through the skills that you will learn from inside the course.

In every business, you must know how to negotiate and get whatever you want your vendor to do for you. Business negotiation is something that all super affiliates must learn to do. You will learn the seven great benefits you can get when effectively negotiating with your product’s vendor.


In video 5:

I will show you how to overcome bad sales Letters. For example, maybe you have found a sales page and the sales page looks very bad. You cannot sell from that sales page because they are badly put together. Do not throw in the towel and tell yourself that you are going to forget it. Watch video 5 to find out the four ways to get conversion from a vendor’s badly written sales letter.


Video 6:

Contains information that will help you to learn how to put the correct bait magnet into your lead magnet page to help you successfully collect email addresses to help you to build your lead list. Since most affiliates do not know how to create lead magnet pages to collect email addresses, video six will show you how to entice your prospects to give you their email addresses. 

Has wonderful information that will give you four sure ways to help you create lead magnet pages that can help attract subscribers to sign up and get on your list to be promoted to in the future. You will find out from video 6 the tools and resources that super affiliates utilize to make these lead magnet pages quickly.


Video 7:

Will show you how to safely keep your prospects with you so that they may not run away from your competitors. After you have gone through a lot of effort to capture the information of your prospects, you don’t want to lose them. You want to keep them. The way to keep your prospects away from your competitors is to train them to return to you first whenever a new product comes to the market.


Video 8:

Will show you how to do affiliate marketing like a boss by positioning yourself in a certain way to trigger the respect you need to help attract prospects to you.


Video 9:

Will show you the real secrets to big commission checks. You will learn the right level of engagement with your prospects which will cause them to love you so much that they would want to buy from you alone.


Video 10:

Will show you how to squeeze every drop of value from your assets. Don’t waste your affiliates. Learn how to squeeze them to your side.


Video 11:

Will show you how to make money as a real affiliate by showing you the upper echelon of affiliate marketing strategies and how to use it to make more money than your competitors. You do not have to settle for an average income

The information that is packed in these “Watch my shoulders” videos will blow your mind. It contains strategies that most affiliates do not know about. Exercise faith and patience and go through these easy-to-consume videos and learn how to do these things well in your affiliate marketing business.

You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket for chasing after every product or course that comes through the pipe as a legitimate business. Most of them are not but our videos are well made by two great internet marketers with many combined years of internet marketing experience.









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